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Tortiglioni grilled peppers pesto

The classic pesto recipe has an infinite number of variations, this one with grilled peppers and almonds is perfect for a summer first course. You can buy already grilled peppers, reducing to a minimum the preparation time.

Involtini di peperoni

Grilled peppers and anchovies rolls

The sweet taste of grilled peppers in contrast with the strong flavors of anchovy and garlic parsley dressing make these rolls truly delicious. If you wish, you can also add a few drops of tabasco. Serve the rolls as an appetizer with toast or fresh bread.


Linguine skyr and grilled peppers

The typical Icelandic skyr yogurt is rich in protein and very similar in flavor to low-fat yogurt or creme fraiche. It is typically used for breakfast or light desserts, but in fact it’ s also ideal as a dressing for pasta, even in place of cream.