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Pastiera napoletana

Easter is approaching and it is time for Pastiera. One of the most well-known Neapolitan pastries and one of my absolute favourites. You can use ready-made boiled wheat and shortbread, making the preparation process much easier and faster.


Sicilian rice balls

Arancini, typical of Sicilian cuisine, are rice balls suitable as a snack, appetizer, or finger food. Filling and shape may vary from city to city, there are ragout arancini, butter, cheese etc.. Here the recipe with ragout and peas.



This is a good recipe if you have guests for dinner. You can easily prepare the meatloaf in advance and avoid cooking while your friends are there. The only tricky part is the one where you have to roll the meat to form the salami shape, the rest of the recipe is pretty simple.



Tiramis├╣ is one of the most known italian desserts and doesn’t need big introductions. Its origins are disputed between different regions and even about its name there are several legends. The preparation is simple, here the traditional recipe.