Tortiglioni grilled peppers pesto

The classic pesto recipe has an infinite number of variations, this one with grilled peppers and almonds is perfect for a summer first course. You can buy already grilled peppers, reducing to a minimum the preparation time.


Avocado and cheese mousse

If you want to stay away from the stove, the avocado mousse is the recipe for you. A great idea for a summer appetizer or brunch that does not require even a minute of cooking.

Involtini di peperoni

Grilled peppers and anchovies rolls

The sweet taste of grilled peppers in contrast with the strong flavors of anchovy and garlic parsley dressing make these rolls truly delicious. If you wish, you can also add a few drops of tabasco. Serve the rolls as an appetizer with toast or fresh bread.


Linguine skyr and grilled peppers

The typical Icelandic skyr yogurt is rich in protein and very similar in flavor to low-fat yogurt or creme fraiche. It is typically used for breakfast or light desserts, but in fact it’ s also ideal as a dressing for pasta, even in place of cream.


Iced coffee cream

For coffee lovers, here is a simple recipe, perfect for the summer. The iced coffee cream is a real treat and a great alternative to ice coffee or shakerato.


Risotto with Brandy and grilled pepper

Risotto with brandy and grilled peppers is not among the most popular recipes, but surely among the most tasty. The creaminess of the cream lightened up by brandy and combined with the flavor of the red pepper is absolutely brilliant! Adjust the amount of cream to get a more or less creamy risotto.


Panna cotta with espresso coffee syrup

Panna cotta is probably among the easiest desserts to prepare and can be presented in different ways. The only thing to be careful about is the amount of gelatin to use, which will make the cream more or less solid. In this recipe, we also make espresso coffee syrup, which perfectly complements the taste of the cream.



Limoncello is a light liquor originally from Sorrento. Its sweet and very aromatic taste makes it suitable both as a digestive or as an ingredient for cakes and pastries. Use lemons with very thick and wrinkled skin.


Pastiera napoletana

Easter is approaching and it is time for Pastiera. One of the most well-known Neapolitan pastries and one of my absolute favourites. You can use ready-made boiled wheat and shortbread, making the preparation process much easier and faster.


Sicilian rice balls

Arancini, typical of Sicilian cuisine, are rice balls suitable as a snack, appetizer, or finger food. Filling and shape may vary from city to city, there are ragout arancini, butter, cheese etc.. Here the recipe with ragout and peas.